One More Step - Third Call

Jum'at, 03 Januari 2014 09:42 WIB

One More Step aims at promoting sustainable development, mutual enrichment and better understanding between the involved Countries in Asia and Europe by means of the mobility and the exchange of individuals, knowledge and skills at higher education level so broadening the international visibility and scientific potential of all the parties involved.


The University of Trento and the One More Step Partners are glad to announce  the third call for applications for 17/138 scholarships for mobility between the L13 Asian Countries involved and the European Union (EU) partners. 


The  call  for the third selection round will be open from November 30, 2013 to January 31, 2014 
The mobility is supposed to start before 31 December 2014 while staff mobility is open till the end of the project .


Available grants 

TG3   4  grants at undergraduate  level (BA) - 6-9 months each - scholarship  monthly amount 1000 EUR 

TG3   4  grants at Master  level (MA) - 6-9 months each - scholarship  monthly amount 1000 EUR  

TG3   4  grants at Doctoral  level (PhD) - 6 months  each- scholarship  monthly amount 1500 EUR 

TG1   5  grants at Staff  level (Staff) - 1 month each - scholarship  monthly amount 2500 EUR 


The Main Activities will  regard TG3 Asian undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students   and  TG1 academic staff  of participating Asian Universities.
No degree seeking grants are provided  to TG3, but this mobility could be considered as preparatory for a mobility at a further level .

Selection roadmap and criteria  are detailed at the Selection process page.

OMS will provide:

The call is open to all disciplines covered by the EU partners academic offers.

Mobility can only take place towards the  European member universities of the consortium.

Therefore the following mobility flows are possible:
1  Asian Enrolled Students  belonging to one of the L13 Asian  countries towards one of the 9 EU Universities.
2. Staff of L13 Asian  Partner University, preferably from Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam,  towards one of the 9 EU Universities.

Special terms and provisions will regard  the eligibility check, to be performed by the Hosting Universities, Coordinator and Steering Committee  and will be  governed by the National rules to enrol in EU hosting countries.