Joyfulness in MA Muhammadiyah 1 Tlogomas, Exercise the english skill with UMM Intern students.

Jum'at, 22 Maret 2019 07:30 WIB

Some activities that UMM Interns student do as usual is School Visit.

In this opportunity, Student from Czech Republic Martina Motalova and Hadi from Iran, Hadi get a chance to speak up about their country, culture and nation language briefly. Sometime Martina gave a questions so the students can response with their ability and laughter, For Hadi, He was explained about their country and language which is Farsi language, and it's similar to Arabic then all the students interested to follow what Hadi's Spoken. One of the student told us to visit their school to enrich their english skill with different way in another time. Hopefully after this event had finished, the student could get what the Interns say, and being motivated to travel around the world.