The excitement of short movie in Mini Theater (Communication laboratorium - UMM) collaboration between ABC UMM and Australian Conculate General in Surabaya

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 18:00 WIB

March, 20 2019, Mini Theather in communication Laboratorium was full of the visitors who were interested in joining the movie nights which held by Ausie Banget Corner - IRO UMM collaborated with Australian Consulate General in surabaya. Around 60 visitors consisted of lectures, students, movie makers, students association members, and others enjoyed 10 short movies in 1 hour. This event was more interesting because the visitors discussed deeply about the movie with Mahesa Desaga as the local movie maker who joined some movie contests both national and international scope. He shared many ideas about movie and how is the students could participate actively in the movie production process, other he gave some ideas how to win the movie competition and enjoy participating in international collaboration. 
He hope that UMM students could participate in the future activity, especially with the Australian consulate general which has many events. 
FSAI as the event series of Australian consulate general in surabaya on 29-31 March 2019. 
It will be held every year and free for publics.