Type of Visa for Staying in Indonesia

Type of Visa for Staying In Indonesia 

  • Limited Stay Visa (VITAS)

Vitas is a single entry visa issued for a visit purposes related to work or other purposes such as such as investment, research, family unification, performance, sport activities, retired/senior citizen, etc.

  • Socio-cultural Visa (VKSB)

VKSB is issued by the Indonesian embassy to applicants who want to Indonesia for social/ cultural visit, such as visiting relatives/friends, social organizations, exchange visit between educational institutions, and attending study or training programs in Indonesia.

  • Tourist Visa/ Visa on Arrival (VOA)

VOA is used for persons who are visiting Indonesia for short period of time (30-60 days) as a tourist, for business, or attend a conference or meeting.

  • Calling Visa

Calling visa is particular visa given to applicants who come from conflicting nations or applicants who come from country which does not have a diplomatic relationship with the Indonesian government.  

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