International Credit Transfer

In order to support the implementation of MBKM(Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka) policy, particularly services for students to obtain learning opportunities outside of study programs and/or universities, the Directorate of Learning and Student  Affairs, Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology Republic of Indonesia organizes an International Credit Transfer program.

Through the International Credit Transfer program, Indonesian students are encouraged to gain experience, expand, and strengthen networks, as well as a better understanding of the socio-cultural aspects of foreign nations through interaction with students and communities abroad.



  1. An active undergraduate student, 4th-6th semester.
  2. Transcript of Records (Should be in english).
  3. English Language Proficiency (TAEP 301/TOEFL Paper Based 500/IELTS 5.5/Duolingo 100).



  1. Free tuition fee.
  2. Living allowance IDR 3.500.000.
  3. Book allowance.
  4. Credit earning up to 20 SKS.
  5. International study experience.
  6. All the courses will be held online.