Kamis, 10 November 2016 00:00 WIB   International Relations Office

UMM STUDENTS ONLY - ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME "UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA" IS OPEN (the deadline will be on 15th November 2016)
This scholarship is available for undergraduate student exchange for one semester (5 Months, should be finished their 1st year), and the faculties offered are: (check here :
- Faculty of Biology
- Faculty of Computing
- Faculty of Law
- Faculty of Chemistry
- Faculty of Medicine
- Faculty of Economy and Management
- Faculty of Education, Psychology, and Art
- Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences
- Faculty of History and Philosophy
- Faculty of Humanities
- Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
- Faculty of Social Sciences
- Faculty of Theology
- Baltic Study Programme
- Baltic Sea Region Programme
- Russian and Latvian Language Course
Online application form:
Required application documents (to be submitted online):
1. Copy of the passport;
2. Copy of the Latest Transcript of Records (in English);
3. English language approval of at least B1 level;
N.B. Students applying for the Faculty of Humanities (specifically English philology and Modern Languages and Business Studies) are required to obtain B2 level of English language skills.
4. Learning agreement (for Erasmus+ students)
For further information please contact: IRO UMM, Rectorate building (second floor).