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Berita UMM

Coming in to Indonesia for the first time on September 20, 2012, Jose Luis Navarro Laredo or famous as Jose never imagined that he would stay long here in UMM. But, the new friends, experiences and different culture embrace him to enjoy the new adventure in a new place. Coming in as a Bahasa Indonesia student and doing intern, Jose was assigned to use his background knowledge to help teaching in medical faculty and pharmacy in UMM. The so many differences of culture and habit in teaching learning process shocked him for the first time, but as he adjusted to it quickly, then everything could run as he expected now.

“In term of discipline, it is much better here, but coming late and talking each other while someone teaching is sometimes annoying”, Jose said about some differences between study habit in Spain and Indonesia.

According to Jose, another interesting thing in UMM is that eventhough it is an Islamic university, but it is very open to differences. For example, they welcome people from different culture and religion, which is amazing.

During his stay In Malang, Jose felt peaceful, quite, and slower rythm of life. The differences between here and his back home country made him having new way of lise as well.  He also noticed that Indonesian people don’t like fighting in solving the problems. And, he got confused because Indonesia people tend to be so indirect telling something or discussing problem. “I think I understand why they do it, because they are trying to avoid hurting other people. But I just can’t understand. I use to be direct”, Jose said. And, when he was asked what the biggest challenge here is, Jose answered “the traffic!”


Finally, before flying back to his country, Jose suggested UMM students to have critical thinkning on what was happening around them. If they didn’t understand something during teaching learning process, then just asked. “Don’t just keep it in mind, because it will cause you confused someday”, he ended. (iro)