The Seminar of Creative Self

Rabu, 01 Juni 2016 11:34 WIB  

SEMINAR : The Creative Self (26 May 2016)
Description: The seminar is composed from 3 lectures – 2 of professionals from the field of Psychology and 1 artist, who is going to talk as a practitioner of creativity. The idea is not only to talk about creativity but to involve all the students in some creative activities and to have a common artworks/outcomes from the seminar.
To bring international perspectives for creativity and psychology;
To give different point of view of creativity;
To experience creativity in action;
To produce outcomes/artworks;
To engage students as creative change makers;
The first session was held by Catarina Emeral and it was about creativity and mental health.
The second session was held by Georgi Panayotov and it was about finding your own creative self through prototyping.
The last session was held by the artist Slamet Hendro Kusumo dari Batu and it was about the creative process of the artist while producing an artwork. iro