Fun Learning with UMM Internship Student at MIM 1 Pare

Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2018 08:00 WIB   Administrator

Such a beautiful Saturday, travelling and give a education for childrens at MIM 1 Pare. Intership student from UMM had invited to led the workshop, they collaborated with around 90 student Islamic Elementary School to made a handcraft of paper to being like peacock. Literally it was an assignment from their teacher that wrapped to be fun activities and invite native speakers Martina (Czech Republic) and Tobias (Germany). This event held to encourage elementary student to learn and study basic of english hardly and giving great experience for them to met native.

Martina and Tobias felt impressive of what their done and it was a second time for IRO UMM has invited for this workshop at MIM 1 Pare. In the end we feel grateful for the invitation, from this event Internship student from UMM could gain experience and the knowledge can be useful someday.