Erasmus Mundus Changes My Life

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Erasmus Mundus Changes My Life

by: Izzah Fijriyah

Alumni of Erasmus Mundus 2010


Without any doubts, I can say that Erasmus Mundus is one of the best scholarships that I have ever had. It was not only a scholarship of studying, but also the scholarship of whole adventures as well. For over ten months I studied in the State University of Murcia, Spain, I got quite a lot of experiences that I have never had before. I met many amazing friends around the world, learned new things such as science, social, religion, environment, culture, art history, geography, and many more.

Studying in another country is the most rewarding experience of my life. I got different academic experiences which were different from my undergraduate study in Indonesia. Here I studied a lot of things and met the interesting teaching technique, up to date learning media and friends’ learning strategies that always inspired and motivated me to study hard.

In this university, all teachers always uploaded the material and the academic information through SUMA (electronic teaching learning device). The contents of SUMA were the exercises, homework, academic announcements, etc. Through this website the students also could discuss with their classmate; if there was a problem or difficulty, the students could ask the teacher or discussed it with other classmate from different classes. Furthermore, this website provided an education game. It was my favorite part of study because I could learn with a fun way.

Since the teacher always uploaded the material and academic information through SUMA, the attendance list was not a mandatory. Teaching learning process in the classroom was only for discussion, submitting homework and asking some questions or doubts. However, most of the students still attended to the class to listen to the teacher’s explanation and joined the discussion. The discussion in the classroom was always live, almost all of the students participated actively. Those situations implied that the spirit and awareness of study in this country is very high.

Here in Universidad de Murcia, we got a lot of credits for one course, for example 8 credits for 1 subject. We always learnt different topic in every meeting and we also had a lot of homework to do. Although those activities made me tired but I did enjoy my study there because I could learn many things in the short time.

Most of the students in Universidad de Murcia had a good time management. They always had time to have fun and good socialization with others without taking a side their responsibilities as a student. In weekends, we usually travelled throughout Spain or just hanged out together to release our stress. Afterwards, we studied seriously and used our time wisely. Since my campus consists of many students from different countries, I could learn many cultures and learning strategies from Spanish students and other students from different countries.

I must say that the classroom was completely different from my home university in term of the size of the classes contained about 30 students in UMM while the lectures in Murcia University could be up to 100 students. Although the class was bigger there, the class situation was very comfortable to study because all students were really serious in studying.

The relationships between the teachers and students were completely friendly. Although the class was very big, the teachers still could recognize almost every student by the name because in the class discussion, the teacher always gave us opportunity to speak and the teacher usually gave us tutorial after the class, especially for the students who got difficulty in the class. However, before we got tutorial, we had to make an appointment first.

I can see that my English is a little bit better, which was one of my main targets when I came there. I had many opportunities to practice and improve my English skill. All of my classes, advisor meetings, and communication with my flat mate were conducted in English. Although the national language of Spain is Spanish, using English is very useful for me because my Spanish was still poor.

In term of apartment, I liked my apartment so much. My room looked great. The building was big and consisted of modern equipments. Moreover, I felt like I was at my own home and it was mostly because of the people whom I lived with. They were wonderful; probably one of the best things about coming here was to share your life and your experiences with them. In some ways we were just becoming a big family with all the good things and the bad things. Everybody was pretty kind and helpful right from the beginning until the end.


As my final words, I would say that even though I had a few problems at the beginning of my adventure, I really enjoyed every minute I spent in Spain. It had been such a marvelous time and I had met very nice people that I will keep in touch with till the rest of my life. Finally, thank you Erasmus, thank you UMM, and thank you Universidad de Murcia. (Izzah/Iro)